Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mud Run

I like to run and I love my husband. These two thing together prompted me to do a mud run with Eric this past weekend. That and the free entry I won at the street fair. I always say "if it's free, it's for me".
Eric does not like to run but loves a challenge and I think secretly wanted to share a "run" with me. The course was 2.8 miles and 17 obstacles. I will not give a play by play but suffice it to say you get VERY muddy in the first quarter mile and stay that way.
Sebastian came along and took pictures of us. He ended up following us for most of the run.  Sebastian's real reason for coming out was to watch his youth group leaders run in the mud but since we were first he had to stay for both waves of the race.
When we finished Eric gave him a very muddy hug. After Sebastian was good and muddy his small group leader suggested he run along with them for fun. He said he did not have the proper shoes so Eric took his off and took that excuse. (We had paid for Sawyer to run the race but he decided to go paint balling instead so we did not feel bad allowing Sebastian to run without officially registering) He ran and had a great time. Other than the cut he got on one of the obstacles he dove into.

I am not sure I will do this again as I had mud crusted in places I will not mention. Maybe the boys will all do it next year. (and maybe they will talk me into it)

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Carolynn said...

I did the Warrior Dash, tried to talk Sean into it. Good for you two!! We really should try to run together sometime!!