Sunday, January 20, 2013

Change in Plans

In my plan I would be working part time as a Phlebotomist and training for a half-marathon in February. Apparently God has a totally different plan.
After six months of applying for jobs and being rejected for every one of them I just gave up. Actually I gave up when I could not even get a job at a coffee shop.
I have not worked full time for 16 years so I could be home with our boys. I have no regrets about this decision. I have worked a bit here and there off the books but nothing official. All this to say I had nothing to put on a resume. I know people say all the life experience I have from volunteer work and little jobs count. They are wrong.
When I gave up the job hunt I started praying for a new plan. I started hearing form multiple sources (some solicited, some not) that the students graduating from the Radiological Technologist program were not able to find jobs within 80miles of where we live. I have been waiting to get in to that program for over a year and had hoped to start it in September 2013. With that information I started looking at my other options.
 One option that sounded good was the Physical Therapist Assistant program at WCC.This option sounded good because the people graduating are getting jobs in our area. I have taken all the classes needed except Chemistry as part of my prerequisites for the Rad. Tech. course. I was able to get into a Chemistry class for this quarter. (now if I can just get a good grade)  One of the requirements to apply for the program is 50+ hours observing a PT or PTA. That sounded easy to me since I am not working and only have class for an hour a day. I have until April 18 to finish these hours and apply. Clearly I had no idea what I was up against. The first PT clinic I called said the soonest I could get in was summer. Seriously, I just want to come watch and have them sign a form. I guess there are a ton of people who want to watch PT's work. I spent an hour calling clinics and another hour stopping by some clinics. From that much effort I have one clinic that will allow me to come one day a week for three hours. I feel a bit discouraged.
I will keep calling and praying. This is such a humbling thing for me. It is probably something that "builds character" or some other important life thing I would try to teach my boys about.

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