Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trying really hard

So my last post was full of excitement at the prospect of a new plan. A plan I thought was great. It probably was, until I took Chemistry 121. I have not gotten a grade lower than a B since I started college. Until I took Chemistry. I needed a B+ at the least to apply for the Physical Therapist Assistant program.
I tried really hard to understand the words the instructor said but from day one I was LOST. I watched countless chemistry videos, spent many hours with a great study group, I begged Sebastian to tutor me (he tried very hard to help me) and I prayed until I cried. I know I am a smart lady but chemistry is not something I will ever be good at.
I am not taking this failure well.
Fortunately I have great friends who have said all the right things. I know in the end this is just one door shutting. I am just trying really hard not to give in to the voices in my head that are ruthlessly trying to convince me I am stupid.


Tami said...

The words "Echo" and "stupid" would never go in the same sentence!

Carolynn said...

I agree with Tami! I know what you are talking about, my last semester in College I had to take a Chemistry class to graduate. I almost didn't make it and I think I tried the hardest in the entire class! My study partner got 100% on everything. It just doesn't make sense. Sean minored in Chemistry. UGH Hang in there friend. God has good things planned!