Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ragnar Zion

I have a lovely group of ladies I run with. R is the one I have stuck with for almost ten years. L is another long standing runner buddy.
In January L sent us an email about the Ragnar trail relay in Zion. She wanted to see if we were interested in getting a team together. It sounded fun but I figured it wound not happen. Not enough time to train, not enough people, kind of far away, R does NOT race, it would be expensive. Lots of reasons.
I let it go and figured thee dream would die. Then on a run with a friend who was also not considering joining I found out that R was indeed going to join the team. What? I should have known then that I would be on her list. The next day R picked me up to go for a run and before we got to the trail head she had convinced me to be member #8 of their team.
We have run up and down a lot of mountains in the wind, rain, sleet and snow. I have learned a lot from P (who runs with us but is not on our team). She has followed behind me to check my form (which was good). She has counselled me regarding nutrition (it needed help). She taught me tons about being in control of my breathing and pace. I am so grateful to my teammates for all of their encouragement.
We leave in one week for this awesome adventure. I feel ready face this challenge with my team the Bellingham Sole Sisters (L, R, M, J, S, K and B)

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